The Location

This blog post accompanies Not Forgotten Episode 2: He’s Gone. Chris’s Aunt, Kimmy Lashbrook, discusses his disappearance and some of the searches the family has done.


The first full episode is out.  The audio recording was difficult to work with but if you’ll stick with the interview through about 5 minutes, the audio gets better.  It’s worth a listen.  Because the audio I recorded wasn’t the best quality, I’ll be summarizing the interview here on the blog soon but today I want to get you some photos of the some of the locations mentioned in the podcast.

Here are photos of the woods behind the ball field where the first searches took place.

Woods behind ball fields

That line of trees in the background? That’s just part of the woods behind the ball fields.  This is where the family and Bridging the Gap Search Team searched for Chris soon after he disappeared.

Close up of ball field woods

This is a close-up of the woods.  You can see how dense the foliage is in this area.

Front of apartments looking back toward the ball fields

The above photo was taken from in front of the apartments looking northeast toward the ball fields.

Apartment buildings

These two buildings are the Jay City Park Apartments.

I wanted you to have these photos so you are familiar with some of the places mentioned in Episode 2: He’s Gone of the Not Forgotten podcast.

I’ll be summarizing or transcribing the interview next week for you.

~ Lisa